About us

Goals and vision


Our goal is dismantling stereotypes and prejudices by creating shared understanding between Czech and Central European society on the one hand and Arab society on the other.

We believe in attaining our goal by a cultural dialogue (a dialogue through culture) rather than by a dialogue of cultures (a dialogue between stereotypically defined monolithic cultures).

We believe that a dialogue which encompasses a broad spectrum of profiles of its participants and of topics contributes to better understanding of one's own identity on the individual as well as societal level and to the creation of a more empathetic, compassionate and humbler society.

We believe in the uniqueness of each human being and we strive to offer the diversity of human thoughts and activities to the general public in place of simplifying cultural, ethnic or religious stereotypes. It is the very exposing of the existence of a human being hidden behind the wall of prejudices, with all his/her imperfections and nobility, which is our goal and at the same time our tool in the search for shared understanding.

Our vision is to become a leading institution for cultural dialogue between the region of Central Europe and the Arab world.