About us

What we do


Insaan conducts its activities through three forms of dialogue:

  1. Dialogue through the courage of speaking and the willingness to listen

    Insaan organizes roundtables, seminars, interviews with interesting personalities and conferences, the topics of which are actual and relevant to both European and Arab audiences. Insaan makes sure that these events do not turn into meetings of closed circles of experts but that they, through originality of their topics and conception, reach out to the general public on the individual level. Simultaneously, we want the participants to represent a broad spectrum of opinions and ideas as well as personal backgrounds.

    Insaan builds a structured dialogue between the Czech and Central European space and the Arab space in a whole range of areas and themes, for example: cultural and religious coexistence, social integration, trade and tourism, impact of modern communication technology on the development of a society, role of women in the society, common and uniqueenvironmental challenges, role of media and the creation of media images, European and Arab political extremism, the future and importance of certain political movements(liberalism, extreme right, political Islam), the role of NGOs, the Israeli-Palestinian (Arab)conflict and the geopolitical future of the two regions.

    In order to ensure a broader regional impact we make available all contributions from theseevents online (www.insaan.eu) in three languages: Czech, English and Arabic.

  2. Dialogue through perceptive sensing of emotional expressions

    Insaan, together with other partners, introduces modern and contemporary Arab artists to theCzech and European public and organizes Arab film and music festivals. Our long-termaspiration is the setting-up of our own exhibition space for permanent and temporaryexhibitions.

  3. Dialogue through the power of letter and the reflection of mind

    Insaan publishes modern and contemporary Arabic literature, introduces modern Arab writers to the Czech public and therefore, it builds bridges between Czech and Arab societies on the basis of a shared love of literature and the expression of common humanity that is contained within it.

Transparency and credibility of our activities is, beside the controlling duties of our Trustee and Supervisory boards, guaranteed by our patrons who are well-known personalities of the Czech, European and Arab worlds.