Transeuropa Festival: Screening of Arab art movies


On May 11, 2012 a screening of short Arab art movies took place at Svetozor cinema in Prague in the framework of the Transeuropa Festival. Sadi Shanaah was invited to moderate a discussion that took cue from the clips.

Annotation by the organizers:

Transeuropa Festival in his 2° Praguese edition will to talk about the main theme of new forms of political mobilization. On both sides of the Mediterranean Sea we are seeing people finding the strength to express their disappointment and doing something concrete to change the situation. Different countries and different societies found themselves to have similar needs. In this newly alive context we want to offer an alternative view of the Arab world through videos and discussions, with the aim of giving a multi-faced understanding of one of our closest neighbours.

Le Cinémathèque de Tanger, our partner in this event, prepared for us a selection of short movies created by Arab filmmakers and artists. Through artist approaches and different techniques, such as intimate story, video art and documentary, the films will show different faces of the Arab societies before the Arab Spring.

The discussion will take cue from the themes touched in the films. Together with our guests, Marek Čejka, Masaryk University, Pavel Barša, Charles University, Šádí Shanaáh, Czech-Arab Centre for the Cultural Dialogue, and Yasir Daniel Reizk, journalist and correspondent of several Arab newspapers in Central Europe, we will try to investigate the reasons that brought the Arab countries to the recent events of the Arab Spring, the reverberations of those events in Europe and the connections with the past and current situation in Europe and in Czech Republic.