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Five reasons why we are needed


We believe that there are 5 important reasons for establishing Insaan:

  1. The countries of Central Europe have been a part of the European Union since 2004 and theysignificantly contribute to setting up and implementing EU policies, including relations between the EU and Arab states on all levels.
  2. There is a not insignificant Arab community living in the Central Europe. This minority grew mainly in the times of the Iron Curtain but, given current demographic and migration trends, it is obvious that it is growing and will likely grow in the future thanks to new waves of Arab immigrants.
  3. While there are institutions similar in goals and activities to Insaan in Western Europe, andwhile these cooperate amongst themselves and with other organizations in the Arab world, the region of Central Europe knows only small and local clubs that focus on the Arab world mainly from the perspective of history, travelling or linguistics.
  4. The general Central European public as well as individuals who create and shape state affairsand those who form public opinion suffer from a catastrophic lack of knowledge about the Arab world.Awareness of the Arab world is gained, above all, through brief and fragmentary mediareports, film and literary stereotypes, second hand information or holiday experience.Moreover, since the start of the so-called ‘War On Terror’ Central European society is heavily influenced by the securitization of relations between the two worlds and it holds increasingly negative prejudices towards the Arabs and Arabic culture.
  5. Information overload, pressures of globalization and postmodern uncertainties of our erahave often resulted in irrational fears and simplified categorizations. These are in turn abreeding-ground for demagogues and populist extremists. The lack of quality information andthe lack of time to seek and process them make it all the more difficult to achieve a true dialogue whose purpose is to find shared understanding for peaceful coexistence. This situation cannot be ignored or pushed aside as insubstantial at a time when the lives of people from both regions are as mutually interconnected as today. That is why it is essential to make it easier for the general public to access quality information that does not monopolize the truth but rather sheds light on the complexity of issues help in a common search for the truth - for a dialogue. That is why it is essential to enable European and Arab societies to take a look behind the wall of mutual prejudices directly at the interpersonal level, through art, through literature and through the willingness to listen and the courage to speak.